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3 min readMay 13, 2022


We are excited to officially announce our recent investment into


Sizzle is building an AI platform to automatically create gaming and esports highlights and capabilities to convert all these exciting moments into NFTs.

Our investment in their latest $5M seed round was led by White Star Capital with support from other leading investors such as Progression Fund, Play Ventures, Xoogler Ventures, Mindset Ventures and others.

Over the last few years, the gaming industry has seen significant growth and as a result so has gaming streaming. This has been primarily driven by platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. There are around 1.2 billion gaming fans out there today who watch streamers live to see exciting moments in their favourite games. Currently, these gaming fans can support their favourite streamers with tips, yet the fans often getting very little in return for their support. It was estimated that total donations in 2020 totalled $1.5 billion. On the other side, streamers and esport leagues struggle to make effective highlights out of the billions of hours streamed every day.

This is where Sizzle comes into play. Sizzle wants to make it easier and automated for streamers and esports leagues to create highlights and at the same time provide streamers with the capabilities to give something in return to their fans, by selling these highlights as NFTs.

Sizzle’s product consists of a 3-part solution:

  • The first part is a Deep AI Engine that analyzes video, audio, and chat of gaming or esports matches. Based on this, they can determine important moments, such as scoring plays, defensive plays, or even funny and exciting moments.
  • The second part of their product allows them to assemble the highlight reel, thus personalizing the highlights for billions of fans, at no additional cost or effort.
  • Finally, through the use of their NFT platform, Sizzle can convert all of these exciting moments into NFTs, thus allowing fans the opportunity to own the most exciting moments from their favourite streamers.

Sizzle is already creating highlights for games such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, VALORANT, PUBG Esports America, Apex Legends, and many more.

With our participation in this round, we are pleased to be part of Sizzle’s vision to be the one stop shop for all streaming highlights.


Sizzle works with esports leagues and streamers to deliver automatic, personalized highlights, directly from Twitch and YouTube streams. Sizzle has built deep AI, analyzing the video, audio and chat of gaming streams to detect the most exciting moments. Additionally, Sizzle has built patented technology to personalize highlights to millions of fans. Sizzle is based in Silicon Valley, funded by top-tier venture capitalists, and its management team combines ex-Google, digital media and gaming expertise. Sizzle is available at

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