Mailchain Becomes Part of the Eterna Capital Portfolio

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3 min readSep 12, 2022

We are excited to officially announce our recent investment into Mailchain.

All of Web3. all in one Inbox. (


Mailchain is building a cross protocol platform for sending and receiving messages between blockchain addresses. Users do not need to reveal private keys or any other information about themselves. It is as simple as using webmail!

Our investment in their latest $4.6m round was led by Crane and Kenetic Capital with participation from other leading investors such as Acequia Capital, Kestrel 0x1, and others.

Web3 has seen significant growth over the past year. It has gone from a vision to a reality and is expanding at a rapid pace. In order to reach the next billion users, some areas need to be improved and one in particular is communication.

Without communication as a first-class citizen, many actions taken for granted on the Internet cannot take place in Web3. Users can’t receive direct communications related to their savings, loans, and financial positions. They can’t receive information from projects they care about in the context of how they interact with them. They can’t contact others in their community, for example, to make an offer to purchase a digital collectible. Businesses can’t receive receipts for payments, or invoices. Developers can’t be reached in the event of security issues and can’t send out important communications to their users if there is an issue, upgrade, or decision to be made. Mailchain aims to solve this problem by becoming a cross protocol platform for sending and receiving messages between blockchain addresses through a simple email-like interface.

An Inbox That’s Finally Yours (

Mailchain’s platform has four key use cases:

- Web3 Native Messaging: Mailchain enables blockchain accounts that underpin Web3 identities to message each other. This provides a better user experience, makes it possible to contact smart contract of NFT owners, respects user privacy, and makes applications safer to interact with.

- Announcements and Notifications: Mailchain makes it easy for users to take action in the context of their address or identity, never missing important announcements. Examples include knowing when to migrate to a new version of an application or a smart contract, mitigate a security issue, or know when a creator is planning to release new work.

- Community Engagement: Mailchain provides an easy way to get updates from the communities or groups a user is part of‍.

- Business Communication: Mailchain makes it possible for businesses to message directly with customers and users without needing to request additional details.

With our participation in this round, we are pleased to be part of Mailchain’s vision to be the Web3 Inbox. This infrastructure will be paramount in helping Web3 reach mass adoption.

About Mailchain

Mailchain is the new communication layer for Web3. With one simple, elegant inbox, users can send and receive private messages using public blockchain addresses. Teams and individuals can receive notifications about their on-chain activity and communicate with any identity, on any protocol. Projects, DAOs, exchanges and protocols integrating Mailchain can directly communicate with their users, wallet-to-wallet. Mailchain is now live, and free. You can claim your Web3 Inbox here.

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