Jiritsu Becomes Part of the Eterna Capital Portfolio

Eterna Capital
3 min readSep 26, 2023

We are excited to officially announce our recent investment into Jiritsu.


Jiritsu allows one to orchestrate and verify any computational workflow, integrating any combination of L1, L2 and Middleware.

Our investment in their recent $10.2m round was led by gumi Cryptos Capital with participation from Republic Capital, Susquehanna (SIG), Comma3 Ventures, Polymorphic Capital, Shima Capital, and others.

When confronted with a complex or resource-intensive computation that exceeds the capabilities of their current platforms, such as a laptop, or even an on-chain computing layer like Ethereum, individuals often turn to third-party services such as AWS Lambda Function to outsource the task. These third-party services essentially provide unverified compute, necessitating a degree of trust in their accuracy.

We believe that an increasing share of computational processes will shift toward off-chain verification, eventually leading to most computations undergoing some form of verification. This trend addresses a fundamental challenge: the ability to ensure trustworthiness, predictability, and fairness on a larger scale. Jiritsu’s ground-breaking Unlimited Verifiable Compute (UVC) technology offers an easily programmable approach that can be applied virtually to any workflow and generates Proof of Workflow (PoWF), setting a new paradigm in verifiable computing.

The first product being launched leveraging Jiritsu’s innovative core technology is Tomei RWA, an innovative asset tokenisation platform. Real World Assets (RWAs) have gained substantial traction in the blockchain sphere, especially in the context of tokenised T-Bills, which have recently surged to over $620 million, reaching all-time highs. This sector holds the promise of becoming one of the most compelling use cases in blockchain technology, and we firmly believe that Jiritsu has the potential to serve as a catalyst for the real-world asset landscape.

Built on Jiritsu’s UVC and ZK-MPC technologies, Tomei offers unparalleled assurance in asset management through its proprietary attestation system. The platform employs Zero-Knowledge (ZK) attestations for secure and compliant asset onboarding, while also providing granular, permissioned access to data. Tomei’s automation further streamlines compliance by minting tokens tied to initial ZK attestations, and its dynamic consensus mechanism ensures accurate, on-chain asset valuations.

All of this would not be possible without the inspirational team behind it. Co-Founders, Jacob Guedalia and David Guedalia have decades of venture-backed startup experience including 4 exits and 50+ US patents. Jacob holds a graduate degree in Applied Physics from the Weizmann Institute in Israel while David holds a Ph.D. in Neural Computation at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

With our participation in this round, we are pleased to be part of Jiritsu’s mission to revolutionise blockchain solutions, set a new paradigm in verifiable computing, and pave the way to mass adoption by scaling the tokenisation sector.

About Jiritsu

Jiritsu is a leading technology company specialising in decentralised and verifiable computing. Founded in 2020, the company has been at the forefront of computational innovation, developing technologies like Unlimited Verifiable Compute (UVC) and decentralized Zero-Knowledge Multi-Party Compute (ZK-MPC).

For more information, visit https://www.jiritsu.network/ or follow Jiritsu on Twitter.

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