• Sebastian Blum

    Sebastian Blum

    Partner at Greenfield One investing in decentralized technologies, San Francisco/Berlin

  • Kirit


  • Martynas Eskis

    Martynas Eskis

    Principal Engineer @TransferGo. Distributed systems, system architecture, making complicated systems simple and pains of scaling to world class company.

  • Jennifer Yoo

    Jennifer Yoo

  • AlitaNetwork


    The world’s first MapReduce framework based on federated computing network supporting Android for privacy-preserving.

  • Craig Anderson

    Craig Anderson

    Lead | AmwFund | DeFi Bridge | Raisin Education ||| Active | Token Engineering Commons | Panvala | Commons Stack | Kernel0x

  • Nassim Olive

    Nassim Olive

  • Sumit Mishra

    Sumit Mishra

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