0G Labs Becomes Part of the Eterna Capital Portfolio

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4 min readMar 26, 2024

We are excited to officially announce our recent investment into 0G Labs.


0G Labs is a programmable data availability (DA) layer with deep considerations for security, scalability and decentralization, that is revolutionizing the way that dapps are launched and is key to unlocking the AI revolution.

Our investment in their $35m pre-seed round was led by Hack VC, Symbolic Capital, and Dao5, with participation from Bankless Ventures, Delphi Digital, Gumi Cryptos Capital, LongHash, OKX Ventures, Arca, Stanford Builders Fund, among others.

Ethereum stands as the forefront blockchain ecosystem, yet it grapples with scalability challenges. The expectation is that most activity in the future will take place on rollups (i.e. L2). Rollups introduced the concept of modularity which has recently emerged as a new technology framework that could unlock scalability without compromising security. This approach involves a strategic decoupling of blockchain’s core functions: the consensus layer, responsible for validating transactions; the settlement layer, where transaction outcomes are finalized; the execution layer, which processes transactions; and the data availability layer, crucial for storing and making transaction data accessible. This approach is viewed as a pivotal strategy for improving blockchain speed and scalability.

The data availability layer, however, stands out as a critical bottleneck within this modular framework. It is the backbone that ensures data is accessible to all network participants in a secure, trustless manner. When comparing modular blockchains to monolithic ones, the complexity of ensuring data availability escalates, necessitating more advanced verification methods. Moreover, the high costs and limited functionality of existing blockchain data storage solutions significantly impede the development and efficiency of high-performance applications.

Addressing these critical challenges head-on, 0G Labs introduces a groundbreaking solution with its programmable Data Availability layer, reshaping the landscape of data accessibility within the modular blockchain framework. With 0G Labs, developers can access real-time, trusted on-chain data to power Web3 applications and build with confidence on proven, enterprise-grade data availability APIs with the first programmable data availability layer. This approach offers 1000x performance improvement and cost savings compared to Ethereum. Leveraging their advanced programmable data availability infrastructure opens up a realm of new possibilities for creating scalable and secure applications based on verifiable, low-latency data feeds.

The key application that 0G Labs unlocks is decentralized AI applications. The fusion of AI and Blockchain has rapidly become a focal point of technological innovation, driven by their synergistic capabilities. Blockchain provides a secure, transparent infrastructure, ensuring data integrity and trust, which is crucial for AI models that require reliable data sources. Meanwhile, AI enhances blockchain by introducing smart analytics and automation, improving efficiency in processes like smart contracts and data verification. While the sector is experiencing significant growth, for its potential to be fully realized, the infrastructure needs to be improved.

“We finally bring web3 to web2 performance and cost parity,” Michael Heinrich said. “We also figured out a way to horizontally scale our consensus layers so we can get to infinite data availability scalability. This is just like adding more Amazon Web Services servers to keep scaling in a web2 context. This is a major unlock for the web3 space and can lead to new on-chain applications like on-chain AI, on-chain gaming, high-frequency DeFi, etc.,” he added.

0G Labs is key to unlocking the AI revolution in Web3 as it bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 data speeds and costs, unlocking new use cases like on-chain AI but also on-chain gaming and high-frequency DeFi. Their architecture enables horizontal scaling, leading to the fastest DA with 50GBs per consensus layer throughput. Through their innovative infrastructure, 0G Labs empowers developers to enhance smart contracts with Machine Learning (ML) capabilities, enabling autonomous decision-making based on real-time on-chain data. It facilitates the embedding of models directly on-chain, complete with the necessary data storage and data availability to support the computational demands of ML applications. This flexibility allows for the expansion of use cases, including those that may not have been anticipated when the contract was initially created.

All of this would not be possible without the impressive founding team consisting of Michael Heinrich, Ming Wu, Fan Long, and Thomas Yao. The founding team are experienced serial entrepreneurs. The 0G Labs team has 8 Ph.Ds in Computer Science from renowned programs and includes one of the world’s top cryptographers.

With our participation in this round, we are pleased to be part of 0G Lab’s mission to develop the most modular and friction-free infrastructure and in doing so, unlock the AI revolution in Web3 and make AI a public good.

About 0G Labs

0G Labs is a decentralized data availability (DA) service with deep consideration for security, scalability and decentralization. It is also the first DA solution with a built-in data storage layer.

For more information, visit https://0g.ai/ or follow them on Twitter.

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